About Jos Laflamme

What’s there to say?

For a verbose individual, who tries to be concise, describing who I am and what I stand for has never been an easy task.

Let’s start with the basics. I’m in my early 30s. I live in the east end of Toronto in the quiet neighbourhood of East Danforth. I have been working in the field of communications for the last six years, but made a career “pivot” back in January when I decided to attend Centennial College for Corporate Communications and Public Relations. I’m currently doing an internship where I am the “Community Manager” for a small social media company.

Before I began working in communications six years ago, I attended York University, where I graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology. I will often credit my education there as the solidifying factor in my tendency towards being multi-disciplinarian (which is just a fancy way of saying that I take interest in a lot of things).

My friends and acquaintances often describe me as a rather sharp individual, who at times can be a very intense character. On occasion, I have had friends sarcastically comment that I’m like a walking, talking Wikipedia – to which I generally reply “Don’t remind me”.

I have a few hobbies that I enjoy in my spare time. My most prominent being Photography. Until someone can show me they are better, I will lay claim to being one of the best freelance event photographers in Toronto*, for the underground electronic music scene. Naturally, I can back that statement up by showing anyone who is interested, the work I have done in the past, but I do recognize the fact that I still have a long way to go in building a proper fan-base. In fact, I have had quite a few DJ’s use my pictures as their profile photos in one form or another. [Most notable example is 2012 Juno Nominee, Arthur Oskan] My work has been featured in several places including Harvest Festival’s Website and in Mount Sinai’s Annual Magazine “Perspectives” as well as Lifestyles.

Another considerable hobby of mine is fitness. While I may be a “skinny puke”, I hit the gym as regularly as I can. Through trying to understand how to better my own health, I have learned a lot in this field and have toyed with the idea of becoming a Fitness Trainer as a second job. However, until I can put on an honest few pounds and get myself to a healthy 175-180, I cannot consider such an option.

I also enjoy running and average about 5k whenever I get a chance to do it. Personal record is 10.1km. I am also an avid cyclist and I own two somewhat rare Klein Mantra dual suspension bikes. [Please note: mine are 2000/2001, not 1998 and older like the link states]

* – after tooting my own horn, I would like to make a professional statement here. Despite not being “freelance” per se, the only photographer that comes to my mind that I consider better than myself is Rob Gravel aka RPG Depictions. I would also like to state here that he’s as good as he is because he has taken a suggestion that I made to him some time ago and mastered it well beyond the level that I have. Damn him… 😉


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