*wolf whistle* Hubba Hubba! (NX2)

©Earl Harper Starting from its silvery-white fly, down to its red tub-style flooring, this tent has all the right curves.

Weighing in at a scant three pounds and 13 ounces, this tent is close to being the perfect backcountry accommodation one (or two) will need. Inside, you can easily fit two standard (regular) backcountry air mattresses.

Or, if you’re solo – one mattress, your pack and all the contents of your pack because of kit explosion. Hey, I’m being honest!

One thing you’re going to want to have with this tent is the footprint. ESPECIALLY IF IT RAINS. Unfortunately, this tent can suffer in heavy downpours. Not so much as the rain goes through it freely, but rather, the moisture will work its way through the fabric. This is more of a concern from below than above. If the water does get through, then you can always wipe it down. Better yet, give the bottom a good coating of TX-direct spray-on.

1) Lightweight
2) Spacious
3) Easy and quick to setup.

1) Waterproof to a certain extent
2) Could be made lighter if poles were carbon instead of DAC aluminum
3) Vents aren’t large enough

1) MSR tent poles are prone to connector slippage
2) Footprint sold separately
3) Provided stakes are two too few to fully stake out the tent

When I say it’s easy to set up, it really is. However, you need to forget about how previous tents worked. This one can be tricky for the unfamiliar. But once you do it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it.

All in all, it’s a solid little tent for backpacking excursions. It’s small enough that you can shove it into almost anything. In my case, both backpacks and a kayak. Just be careful with how you handle it. It is a lightweight tent and therefore prone to easy damage.


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