I need a hero… a Guardian!






Fear no particle, protozoa or virii.

For the guardian is your shield in the water; your molecular sword; your knight in shining red and gray plastic armour.


There are a lot of water purifier and filtration systems on the market. But few can do what the Guardian does, which is BOTH. It filters and purifies, thanks to a crazy two-hose system that I cannot begin to explain. This device has been reviewed time and time again, and many are long winded. So, I will cut to the chase with a few points. Or save yourself the trouble and skip to the bottom of this post for the real advice.

The Good
1) Flow-rate = 2.5L/min
This makes it faster than MSR’s Miniworks EX.
2) Longer handle than Miniworks
Less effort and awkwardness
3) Easy to maintain
Requires only the occasional flushing with a mild bleach solution

The Bad
1) It’s expensive ($400+!)
2) Cannot be maintained without precautions (filter can hold onto live virii/bacteria)
3) The hose isn’t long enough

The Ugly
1) As fast as it is, it still requires effort
2) The float sucks and prevents the filter trap from sitting on the surface of the water properly.

Nice thing is, the issue with the hose length and the float are easily fixed.

********** THE USEFUL INFO IN THIS POST **********
Hose – position yourself better at source of water.
Float – remove the filter trap then slide the float up the hose by about 10cm/4”. Reconnect filter trap. Doing this will allow the filter and hose to sit close to the surface properly.
********** THE USEFUL INFO IN THIS POST **********

Final Judgment?
This pump is everything you could ever want/need. At it’s price point, it’s a bit spendy for a lot of people, but this your health we’re talking about here. The last thing you want, while miles from civilization and ample amounts of toilet paper, is diarrhea caused by unclean water.


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