Look to the skies!

It’s that wonderful time of the year, when the CNE wraps things up with the Canadian International Air Show; where the skies over Toronto’s lakeshore are filled with aircraft of varying types, rather than the usual turboprop commuter planes.

Hercules CC130J 617

CC-130J Hercules – Canada’s answer to getting relief supplies to people in need

Out of the 26 aircraft in the show this year, the sum total of fighter jets and bombers: TWO. That’s right folks. That’s two fighter jets and ZERO bombers. The rest of the planes are classic airplanes, trainers or part of aerobatic demonstration teams. The closest thing to a bomber in the airshow is actually a CARGO plane, that Canada uses for relief efforts across the globe.


But what about refugees and their PTSD?

People are complaining about fighter jets triggering PTSD. That’s fine and all, but combat veterans suffer from that too, but you know what their triggers are? Things exploding, like fireworks. There was even a call earlier this summer for people to be mindful of the possibility of veterans being in their neighbourhood. Whether or not that made a difference, I cannot say.

To me, triggering PTSD because airplanes fly over head, is akin to being a car crash survivor and not being able to walk across a bridge over a major highway.

While I’d like to say that people should face their fears instead of running away from them, but that doesn’t work necessarily. PTSD is a major personal issue that people should be getting help for and working through. For agoraphobes and sufferers of social anxiety, the end result for them is being able to go outside and go into public.

The only other group that complains as loudly are pet-owners. It seems that it is usually only dog owners that complain, but that’s probably cats perpetually hover between being scared and being indifferent and their owners recognize that. But you know what dogs and cats are also terrified of? Vacuums.

I honestly wonder what it’s like for pet owners stationed at or near military bases.

Thanks to social media and getting involved in discussions with some of these complainers, I have found a recurring theme coming up each time. A lack of education and huge assumptions being made on the forces behind the air show. That it is funded by taxpayers; that it is an archaic model that made sense in the 40s; that we don’t need it anymore because we’re not at war. (Reality: it is mostly corporate-sponsored)

These are complaints made without fact-checking. And complaining against things you can’t be bothered to get educated on, is not productive.

These individuals are largely unfamiliar with the role of the Canadian Forces on the world scene. Our military does more often than drop bombs on Daesh. When a major disaster hits someplace abroad, the Canadian Forces are likely there to lend a helping hand. This was the case for Sri Lanka, Haiti, The Phillipines and Nepal, after all four were devastated by natural disasters and Disaster Assistance Relief Team was deployed.

Obviously, I’m pro-airshow. But you know what i’m also pro? highway-closing bike rides, Marathons, Indy car races, Street festivals, Cavalcades, Nuits that are blanche, etc., etc.. I haven’t had the chance to enjoy a lot of those and some have even impeded my ability to get around Toronto, but I recognize the value they bring to our city. They bring people outside. They bring people together, whether it be for a good cause, great food or amazing sights.

It’s time we tell these complainers and SJWs that enough is enough. The rest of us are trying to enjoy this so-called “world-class city” and you’re not helping at all.

Heaven forbid any these people ever go near Farnborough, UK or Oshkosh, WI.



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