Life over the last few months has been full of obstacles, insofar as maintaining a blog goes. One of the biggest pieces of advice given to me when I went back to school for Corporate Comm, is “Never stop writing”.  Great advice if nothing else gets in the way, like responsibilities and horribly frustrating commutes from work. [I have been fortunate that drives in are smooth]

I’ve been relegated to banging out cookie-cutter emails for the last two years and it has killed my ability to write creatively. Not so much in a way like a never-ending writer’s block, no. But the block is mental and it is more in the way of just not having the desire to put my hands on the keyboard. Though, aforementioned commutes don’t enhance this much more. And at least, when I bang out cookie-cutter emails, I avoid poor wording choices like “Presently”, “Momentarily” and “Utilize”. (FTR: the correct words are “currently’, “in a moment” and “use”.) 

I really do miss writing and being able to write. But, content is king and I have got much to say these days.

“You don’t make art out of good intentions.” ~Gustave Flaubert

Though, this has not stopped me from coming up with hilarious one-liners on social media. In the land of 140 character limits, brevity is king. I think I need to go tweet that now.

I also need to go drum-up a list of ideas of things to write about. I need to sharpen my pencil, so to speak.
Like they say on Imgur.



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