Every family has its funny small child story (or maybe a few even). One within mine, was “goddamn fly”. 

The story goes that one of my francophone cousins, who hadn’t been taught any English yet, learned “goddamnfly” from my uncle, who was bilingual. My cousin, unaware of the name for flying house pests most likely assumed, at his very young age, that was what there were called. Why? Because that’s what my uncle would call them when they buzzed around the house, landing on potato salads and the like.

So, the kid picked up that name and would point out a fly buzzing around the house, while exclaiming “Papa! GODDAMNFLY!” 

I bring this up because it is summer and, we have a tendency to leave windows open and leave food out. This attracts flies, but not the kind that inspired the story above. No, the flies of discussion today are the miniature ruiners of fresh produce: the minuscule fruit fly.

Like many others, we’ve become annoyed by these little flying pests. 

Well, I’ve become annoyed too much. Time to strike back!

Searching the interwebz for a quick and easy solution, I have found a relatively easy DIY project. 

All you need is a mason jar, apple cider vinegar, a piece of paper, scotch and masking tape, and a drop of dish soap.

Step one: assemble your parts. Find a half-liter mason jar and fill it with about an inch of the vinegar. Drop in your dish soap.

Step two: fold a piece of paper in half. Now make it into a funnel shape and tape it. 

Step three: put your funnel in the mouth of the mason jar and then secure it with the masking tape. 

Step four: place your fruit fly death trap somewhere convenient to them, but out of the way for you.

I just put one of these traps together. So while I’ve been typing this up, I have begun my wait. Come my ugly little pretties… come and DIE! 
As a side note, apparently these wee nasties like sink drains and garbage receptacles, so clean those before you employ the trap. Run hot water on sink for a minute and then pour in baking soda. Then pour in vinegar, let it do its thing, and 2-5min later run more hot water. Use whatever works for you on garbage can.


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