Superb Ru

Well, i did it.

Last week at least. I visited the local Subaru dealer, which in my case was extremely local as they’re 2k away.

I spoke to the rep I had met with upon my first visit. My first visit and meeting with him was for a simple test-drive. I had only gone out for one other test-drive and that was with Mini. And as much as I loved the driving feel of the Mini, I knew it wasn’t for me. (But if you’re in the market for one and live in Markham, go see Alex at MiniMarkham). Realistically, I had already made up my mind. I did my research and the test-drive only confirmed what I had felt then. I was seeing stars before I even got behind that demo.

So, fast forward a week and I’m back at Subaru to iron out the details and do the paperworks, like getting credit-approved for the lease.

It’s the lease/credit approval that had me worried for a bit. I had a rough year or two, that encompassed my return to school. Financially, I was in a bad state after I finally started working again. It was so bad that when I switched banks, I was effectively denied on the spot, a new credit card. OUCH!


Through hardship, to the stars

And yet, while I was in the process of submitting my information to Subaru, I was getting approved for new credit cards at my old bank (Long story, I use two banks). So, apparently, after the last year and a half, I’ve repaired my credit score a bit.

Even still, the credit approval was dodgy. I was not informed before leaving the dealership that I was good to go. No, that came a day or two later in an email. The following day he sends me an email to inform me that the car is on a boat, on its way to Vancouver. Yay!

I'm on a boat! LOL!

                     I’m on a boat! LOL!

Transit time has my new ride arriving at end of August. Couldn’t come sooner. But in the meantime, i should probably consider selling my current car. Yeah, I should get on that.


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