I see, I hear, I learn.

A big strain on my eyes and brain for the last year or so, has been two of my favourite toys: my iPhone and my MacBook.

Studies have long proven that light radiation from TVs and other screens has a detrimental effect on us. The unnatural light from these devices that we bombard our optic nerves has a tendency to interfere with our brains production of melatonin. The unnatural light also strains our eyes directly, forcing us to keep them moisturized more through blinking or by eye drops. A fact that likely makes the folks at Johnson & Johnson happy as Visine flies off the shelf.

I bring this up as I now have the means to reduce my eye strain. An IPad mini, courtesy of my new bank. Yeah, that’s right. I switched banks to get a tablet.

And so far it’s been worth it. Surfing and gaming on the iPhone has been tedious at the best of times. However the biggest and most welcome change is being able to read PDFs and ebooks.

So far it’s been worth it. Only downside is that I haven’t found a nice case for it yet. I did manage to find a screen protector at Dollarama (ALL HAIL THE DOLLAR RAMA! ) for $2.50

Another nice benefit is having wordpress at my virtual keyboard fingertips.

This is just tip of the iceberg for tech upgrades for me. Truth is, many are extremely overdue. Though, the next planned upgrade will be to something less powerful, but more robust than this new toy.

On the horizon? My initial foray into the world of programming, DIY electronics and Raspberry Pi! Stay tuned.


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