Uhh… That’s not very *pinteresting*

Pinterest took the internet by storm in 2011/2012. I was using it semi-regularly at first. But after awhile the ever-present mixture of perfume and saccharine sweet smells hung in the air got to me. I effectively abandoned my Pinterest and set out for a platform similar in structure with that structure being more Garage/Basement workshop/Camping site than Kitchen/Bedroom/Bridal Shoppe.

Somewhere in my travels, irony took the wheel. Here are the sites I found before I discovered what I was looking for exactly. (For the record, I did find what I was looking for.)  

Note: The layout of this post is not exactly high quality. For that, I apologize.

1) Really Pinterest?
This is actually a tumblr log. Cause, you know. Tumblr isn’t hard like WordPress is.  Nevertheless, the owner of this blog has (supposedly) posted some funny pins from Pinterest, but I can’t help but feel most their posts are lifted from Imgur.

Conclusion: This is a great blog for convincing the women in your life that they are subject to social media ridicule. (For lack of a better argument on my part)




2) Pinstrosity
If it’s one thing Tumblr doesn’t have, it’s google integration. That’s where Blogspot comes in. That’s where Pinstrosity is hosted. Blogspot trades off a clean interface for that google connection. Where as Really Pinterest seems like its a showcase of pics ripped from Imgur, Pinstrosity appears to be the real deal. Though, I can’t decide whether Pinstrosity is sticking to its apparent mandate of making fun of things from Pinterest, because some things they have posted are rather clever. The clearest observation I can give is that they waver from “actually pinteresting” to “laughably bad” with comparisons of the former that have inspired the latter.

Conclusion: Good spot to show the girls why some ideas are best left to the professionals or those with more creative finesse.





3) Pintester
This place is awesome. Site owner Sonja Foust tests the ideas posted on Pinterest and claims immediately that she often fails. She bridges that creative gap that I hinted at with my conclusion of Pinstrosity. She is unashamed and unabashed in her failures. (Maybe they’re intentional?). My only issue is that she at times borderlines on Epic Mealtime/Hannah Harto’s Drunk Kitchen and other Youtube series of the same idea. Kind of makes me think about how Tosh.O has effectively ripped off Ray William Johnson‘s =3 youtube show, but I digress. Sonja Foust’s get’s a pass for her execution of her concept.

Conclusion: Has one of the best taglines I’ve ever seen.  “Failing at Pinterest things so you don’t have to”








4) ####peoplepin (herein referred to as SPP*)
Similar to the Pinstrosity and Really Pinterest, the execution here is a step above. It’s a definite step above RP, because it’s Tumblr-based as well. Where SPP excels is in using cropped screenshots of the pins in question.

Conclusion: The result of pinning sarcasm.

The following are two great examples found on this site.




5) Pinbeciles
Oh god… another Tumblr site. What is it with these people? Anyhow, this place hosts some of the narstiest/dumbest things posted on Pinterest that make you go, WTF? For the sake of illustration, I’ve gone with one of the cleaner images, which shows how inane things can be on Pinterest and the level of stupidity Pinbeciles possess.
 Conclusion: I love this sites name, because of how it highlights the mentality of people who don’t think before they pin.











6) Pinterestyouaredrunk

Content-wise? This one is pretty good. Execution-wise? Ennnhhh…. 2 posts per page is absolutely annoying. Weird thing is… based on comments, it appears this is a somewhat popular tumblr.

Nevertheless – the humour this site relies on is a mixture of What were they thinking(?) and controversial content, which I suppose, more often than not, can be the same thing?

The Maestro was not amused

The Maestro was not amused

Conclusion: This blog’s strength is in posting the pinned item and giving the post a funny headline.

As you can see by the screencap I’ve posted to the left, sometimes:
A) the title can be the punchline
B) occam’s razor rarely prevails
C) pictures don’t need to be worth a thousand words





7) WTF, Pinterest?
In-line with SPP with the upfront use of (or allusion to) a swear word.  Wait… what’s this? IT’S A WORDPRESS SITE?  The content on this blog definitely lives up to its name. Plenty of stuff that is worthy of the question “WTF?”.


Conclusion: LIVES UP TO ITS NAME! And sorry to come off as sexist, but the items that WTFP brings to light, does question the sanity of a good population of female pinterests users.











I suppose after all this, I should do a review of Male-oriented “pinning websites” and maybe a satirical piece of the kinds of things some guys post.

Editor’s Note: While at times I can swear better than a sailor, I take exception to people using that kind of language on the internet. Whereas an expletive slip of the tongue cannot be avoided at all times, it can be avoided on the internet. This is, incidentally, why I don’t use 4chan or Reddit.


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