Strange and maybe esoteric

We’re going to diverge from our usual path of destruction here at Exuding Quiet Awesomeness with this episode.


Example No. 1 Dial-up Slowed Down to 1/7th Actual Speed – Creepy Sounds

“In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream because your computer is doing that for you.”

Ex 2. 72hr Food, Fire, Filter Survival Kit 

Here we have a kit of survival rations conveniently packed into the same container that normally holds your dishwasher detergent or swimming pool chemicals. Sheer brilliance for the zombie apocalypse – assuming said apocalypse involved zombies that cannot be killed with Bleach. 

Ex 3. The world’s first bullet-proof COUCH! $6,700 ‘CouchBunker’ can stop a .44 Magnum bullet and store 30 guns inside

Because, the first thing that comes to my mind when someone breaks into my house, is to look under the couch cushions. I’m now wondering where all my loose change is going to disappear. 

Ex 4. Perpetual Motion Machines that don’t exactly say “screw you thermodynamics”

If only these things could be made into power generators. So many problems solved…

Ex 5. Dog wants a kitty

Throwing this in to appease the unwritten rule that requires I fulfil a non-existent animal/cuteness quota.

Ex 6. Shut up and take my money

If we can’t have flying cars, can we at least have ultra-light personal helicopters?

Ex 7. Fifty Shades of Bacon

Do I really need to make a comment?

Ex 8. What do you get when you mix Cats, Lasers and a GoPro Camera?

The answer is: Awesome.

Ex 9. What do you get when you mix Cats, Lasers, Plastic Cups and the sport of bowling?

The answer is: Something hilarious I want to try some day.

Ex 10.  Keys to Anti-Social Networking

That moment when you realize someone has pinpointed exactly why you suck at social media



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