Rebrand/Redesign (again? ugh!)

Been thinking heavily lately on the look and feel of my blog. While I recently changed the template to make it easier to read, I have found the new template to have a few shortcomings. The header image was the biggest put-off to strike me. To me, 300×100 is not bad, but the templates inability to allow the header to be centred makes it display poorly.


So, I anticipate myself going through a bunch of templates until I find something that works for me.  I’m just hoping that I can find a template that provides a few compromises in how it allows you to customize it.


This is a picture of a hand with a long thumb

This is a picture of a hand with a long thumb

This new name came to me at the most odd of times. I was at a nightclub enjoying some world-class, multi-levelled, heavily textured Minimal Techno. While my ears were being blasted by high-level decibels and eyes being subjected to alternating flashes of light and darkness, my mind was processing the random conversations had earlier in the evening.

And at some point, the three words coalesced together in a single thought. The next thought was: Should I make that my new blog title?

Of course, a little context is needed. Earlier in the night I was talking to a friend about our blogs and I nonchalantly admitted to the fact that I started my blog in the hopes of writing about certain things, but those certain things were rare discussion topics for me. So, when I thought about renaming the blog, I realized that if I used a generalized statement it would make more sense than using a name involving the digital and analog when I rarely spoke about either.

So where is the awesome?


The quiet awesome…

This is how I introduce myself at parties... sometimes

This is how I (should) introduce myself at parties.

By no means am I a non-vocal person, I do like to talk to people. The blog title does not reflect my participation in conversation or group activities. No, it’s more of a quick synopsis of my persona. I am not one of those individuals to constantly sell themselves or seek validation for their existence.  In person, I will never explicitly say that I am awesome. I leave that assumption to the other person to make. Hence, The Quiet Awesome.

This is what I am and what I exude.

Intensity and presence are characteristics of the quiet awesome. Thought, analysis and knowledge are what strengthen the awesome.  And those are the things that I’ve put into this blog in the past, but now, I’m going to do them under a more suitable name.


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