Kid-friendly tech: One tablet per child with ‘finger hold’

Fast Company has an interesting little article this morning: “One Laptop per Child is not a Touchscreen Tablet

Why this is a great thing, is not a question easily answered in a few short sentences. And while I could explain why I believe it’s a great thing, I would only be repeating what others have said before me about such devices.

The one feature that really amazes me: the finger hold.

Why? Why not! After all, it’s no big deal right? WRONG. The finger hold is a simple application of well-thought out ergonomics from a standpoint of habits. While the tablet is covered with a high-impact type rubber, it’s that finger hold that really understands the behaviour of kids. Most are careless. I know I was. So, giving the tablet a way to hold/carry it, in the laziest way possible is utter brilliance.

Now, why should that feature be limited to kid-friendly tablets? In my honest opinion, such a feature should be available on tablets used by adults. I know that if I had a tablet and I had that finger-hold feature, I’d snap on a carabiner.

I personally love attaching carabiners to stuff. In my camping gear, I have carabiners attached to my coffee cup, frying pan, ground sheet/tarp and my dust-pan/whisk. My keys are on a carabiner as are my inline skates. And It doesn’t end there.

Truth be told, if i had a kid, I’d be attaching all sorts of things to him/her with carabiners. Things like keys*, winter gloves, their inline skates and… that tablet.

So that’s why, out of all the positive aspects a kid-friendly tablet has, the finger hold appeals to me the most.

I hope this tablet takes off and others follow suit with the finger hold feature. Because at the end of the day, we really need to hang on to the things we use better.

Now… if only Apple would follow suit with its own Kid-friendly Tablet.

* I was for all intents and purposes a “latch-key kid”, despite having an older brother. I was entrusted with that kind of freedom and if I ever have kids, I would do the same with them.


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