Fictional Science

This week we’ve been witness to two amazingly (dumb) ideas come to light: Sharknado and Pacific Rim.

Sharknado is about a tornado that picks up and flings sharks. Scary idea. 
Pacific Rim is about giant aliens attacking earth and Earth forces retaliating with giant robots.

Sharknado came to my attention a few weeks ago and it’s absurdity prompted me to post about it in a Facebook group I’m in called Horror Movie Chat. After all… sharks and tornados are both scary. Combined, they are absolutely terrifying. 

Short of being shouted at us in a PowerThirst/Brawndo voice in the commercials, Pacific Rim is yet another instance of a Big Hollywood Sci-Fi Summer Blockbuster. 

What do both of these movies (I use that term very loosely here) have in common? They are both products engineered to appeal to the Lowest Common Denominators — or in simpler terms, people who are ignorant and/or dumb. 

Actually… To be fair, Sharknado is rather silly and intentionally so. It’s a new Snakes on a Plane for the SyFy crowd or… those who are too cheap to shill out half-a-paycheque on a big screen flick. Also, Sharknado isn’t really a sci-fi flick. It’s a B-rated horror flick, made for TV. (Shouldn’t that actually make it C-rated?)

Nevertheless, when it comes to Science Fiction on the screen, I feel that we being cheated. 

Because we are being cheated by what can be considered as drivel, I propose a new term for the big screen fluff we are being subjected to, en masse. 


Science Drivel — because that’s what it is. 

However, there is some hope for us Sci-fi fans… The hopefully first instalment of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi Ender series: Ender’s Game. That is, of course, unless the ill-directed boycott doesn’t kill it. Remember folks: the anti-LGBT views espoused by Mr Card are not shared by the studio. 


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