Another Left-handed Comment

Or… the addendum to “Damnit Steve, I’m not a southpaw”

Last week, I talked about left-handedness and the strange development within laptop computers to have sockets on the left side. In my attempt to add graphics to the post, I did a quick google search which had a rather hilarious result, of which I made a screen-capture. Unfortunately, I forgot to include it in my post and only stumbled upon it moments ago when cleaning up a few folders on my laptop.

The following is the screencap that was meant to be in that post.



I wish I could remember the exact search terms I was using to do my research, but it’s obvious they involved left-handed, people and the word hate.  The first result being one of the funnier things I’ve pulled up in a search. If it wasn’t for the ridiculousness of link’s wording wasn’t bad enough, the next post is an article from about how being left-handed “screws you for life.” I think that article’s premise made me laugh pretty hard, given how I was blogging about how despite being right-handed makes you part of the majority, your electronics are likely to be designed as if you were left-handed.

In retrospect, I should’ve added smartphones to the argument. The argument works particularly well for iPhones as the volume buttons are on the left side and are easy to operate with your left thumb – a function, likely the result of right-handed people holding phones with their left hand, I’m sure.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the caption for the picture above; WFM is my short for “Words Fail Me“. I only lay claim to this because I don’t know anyone else who uses “WFM” or even the phrase “words fail me”. Except Lana Kane from FX’s Archer, but she’s a cartoon character and so, does not count.

With that said, I can now delete that screencap from my desktop. Yaaaaaaaay!


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