Sending delayed… …emails.

Delayed send. It’s one of the unsung heroes from the world of business communications, which is not a feature readily available to us outside of the office. And that office needs to be one with an email server setup with Microsoft Exchange or similar, or so I’m lead to believe based on my experience.

Why would someone send a card with a giant ampersat symbol on it?

At home, I use Microsoft Office with Outlook, for Mac, cause I’m that kind of guy. I love and loathe outlook. I love it for unifying my emails into one easy to use program. I loathe it, because it tells me I have new email, but sometimes glitches out and does not show me the email it just notified me about. This could be a IMAP issue, but I wouldn’t know because that’s beyond my level of comprehension and patience to learn. It’s been during my return to school and funemployment that I’ve come to realize how much I miss being able to send delayed emails. The ability to do so is so beautiful to me in its application that it makes me weep over the fact that Microsoft Outlook for Mac does not possess such a feature, natively. Not even the almighty and powerful Gmail has such a feature in its full-featured webmail application.  OR DOES IT??

Enter BOOMERANG FOR GMAIL, my new best friend. After the adventure I had this weekend, I realized to make my life easier in the future I had to make note of what NOT to do and then figure out a way to remember not to do what I did earlier. In this case, it was make a needlessly complicated list for a task that required only basic information. In other words, I failed to use the K.I.S.S. principal.  (For those of you who don’t know, KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid!) So, this is where delayed email comes in handy.

Let’s face it. I can hold on to a few terabytes worth of data, but forgetting that I have a particular document is likely to be my bain rather than forgetting where it is. Learning from my experience, I put together a template for next years event and set out to send it into limbo to come back to me in December. Except that Outlook wouldn’t let me do that and gmail, on its own won’t either. Searching for an answer, I discovered the aforementioned BOOMERANG. After a quick install, I was ready to send my future self a really important email to help myself organize a trip for the youth group where I volunteer. The application of this lovely little add-on doesn’t just stop there. It also offers a feature based on what boomerangs do best – return. In addition to sending later, you can also have the email send yourself a reminder if no reply was made to the original. Kinda cool, but I’m not entirely sure how useful that is.

I should probably do a little short-term testing with this awesome find of mine, just to make sure it’s on the up-and-up. But so far, the fact it adds an extension of usability to my gmail account is good enough for my liking.

More on this to come, I’m sure.


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