I’m awesome, so hire me!

A few months ago, the motions were set for a Public Relations Knowledge test (aka the PRK). Not being busy at the time, I volunteered to take the pilot test. The test, was a rather interesting time-consuming exercise in which I was able to reflect upon what I had learned while attending Centennial College for the Corporate Communications and Public Relations (CCPR), but also in my internship.

Somewhat forgetting that I taken part of that exercise, I thought about the PRK again earlier this week. I finally got an email regarding my results and I was told that I passed. I kind of wished my actual score was given, but a pass will suffice for now.

Here’s the actual email I got:

Dear Joseph,

I am pleased to advise you that you passed the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)TM pilot test and this is a good indication you would be successful if you decide to go ahead and write the exam either at the session 

At this current time, I’m wondering if I should go ahead and take the full-on PRK exam. As I’m still looking for work right now, I can’t entirely justify the expense, but it’s definitely something I would like to do. It would certainly be a nice addition to my certificate from Centennial. By the way, I graduated from Centennial’s CCPR program with honours (obtaining a respectable GPA of 4.23 out of 4.5).

Proof is in the paper, not the pudding.

The perfect item to frame. Eggshell white with a cursive type. Nice. An artistic placement of the school’s name. And just look at the tastefulness of the leading, kerning and tracking. All on medium weight paper stock.
My god, it even has a watermark!

I may’ve not been born to do this stuff, but I’m certainly trained and equipped for it.

Truth be told, I really am. So, I’m not rather nonplussed that I still have yet to find a job in PR. I possess a very wide range of skills and abilities that are highly amenable to me being a true star in the PR world. I’ve several years experience in corporate communications, handling both regular press releases and social media releases. In fact, I was the first editor when working with Marketwire, to fully grasp the concept and processes required by social media press releases.

Naturally, with my current situation of looking for employment, I haven’t really got much time to devote to doing social media for anything other than for personal reasons. I mean, it’s really difficult to be able to focus on any particular passion when you spend your days searching for work, writing cover letters and resumes, trying to flatter yourself to a prospective employer by applying to a job. I do try my best to keep on top of things with Pinterest, Gentlemint, StumbleUpon, Google+ and a few others, but it can be difficult to keep track of trends when you’re trying to keep track of where you fired your resume off.

Hey, I just haven’t met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my resume,
So call me, employ me?

Nevertheless, if you’re reading this, happen to be a Public Relations Manager looking for a new Account Coordinator/Specialist and you’ve gotten this far, then clearly I’ve captured your attention. What else do I need to say? Hire me and I will come in every day to kick *** and chew bubblegum, but I’m usually out of bubblegum.

In all seriousness, what can I bring to the table?

– excellent written and oral communications
– strong copy writing and editing
– media relations and monitoring
– website & blog content and social media/networking management
– event coordination and management
– time management and organization
– familiarization with press release writing and dissemination
– project management
– presentation skills [Though I must admit that while I’m good at this, it still makes me a nervous wreck and I want to work on that]
– strategic planning and critical response
– extensive experience working with tight deadlines
– can use both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX, MS Office Suite (2011), Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom.
– able to manage/edit photos, video and sound (podcasts)
– can work independently as well as in teams; able to take lead and delegate tasks according to team member strengths

I hate to toot my own horn, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.


Cover Letters and Resumes are extremely limiting in letting me sell myself.

Note to self: Don’t listen to Jazz when self-aggrandizing, it leads to using clichés.  [For the record: I was listening to Anita O’Day’s “Sing, Sing, Sing” when I wrote the previous sentence… as well as this one.]

What else do I need to say? Look at my LinkedIn? My Online Portfolio?

Or do I resort once again to parodying Carly


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