Requiem and Tribute

About five years ago, if you asked me what I thought of an individual I met through friends, I would’ve said “He’s an interesting character. A bit wild and crazy.”

The truth is, I didn’t really know what to make of that person. “An interesting character” he definitely was. There’s no denying that.

And over time, I would get to know him better and learn what to make of him – to give a better impression of this man you were asking my opinion of. And as time passed, it became clear that whatever I could say about him, others either said it already about him or agreed with me. He was a beautiful spirit. An old soul. A shining light.

Who is this man? His name is Aaron Gersh.

And on November 2, 2012… he passed on.

Aaron Gersh - 01/01/1982 - 11/02/2012

Aaron Gersh – 01/01/1982 – 11/02/2012

Aaron and I met a few years ago. Metaphorically speaking, to me he was likea spotlight with a colander over it, shining light out upon others. As I got to know him better, I realized that there wasn’t a colander but rather I was seeing the effect of his inner light shining upon and reflecting off others.

At his 30th birthday, instead us sharing toasts in his name, he grabbed the microphone and gave out his toasts to each and everyone of us. When he got to me, he expressed his admiration for my photography, saying how I took amazing photos and how I was an awesome guy. In truth, my photos (particularly of him) were not great because I was a good photographer, but because he was a great subject.

Here’s to the man that I rarely needed my camera flash when snapping a picture of him.

ॐ Love and Light ॐ

It saddens me that there are far too few pictures of Aaron and I. I being the photographer that I am, often snapped pictures of him, with far too few others snapping pics at the same time. However, those few pictures of him and I, have been from events and parties that we both attended.

I bring the light… but Aaron was the embodiedment of it.

Yesterday, the service was held at a temple chapel in Vaughan. Being raised catholic, the service was an interesting experience to me – with it being Jewish. The eulogies were rather short and simple, but their words and impact were both beautiful nonetheless.

After the service, the burial was held at a cemetery in Maple. A cold wind blew across the landscape, mixing tears with dripping noses and shivers, as shovels of dirt were thrown upon the grounds of his resting place.

An invitation was extended by our friend Chris for afterwards. Talking amongst ourselves, quite a few of us caught up with each other, exchanging stories and what not. This is what Aaron would’ve wanted.

Closer to the end of the night, I had gathered up a few shot glasses and began pouring into them Whiskey for all of us to do a toast in his name.

To Aaron… a beautiful light.
To Aaron… and the jokes and the fun times.
To Aaron… to the man I never needed my flash when taking a photo.
Love and Light!

To say that he was an amazing person would be rather putting it mildly. He was the best of us. The world is a darker place with the loss of the light from this beautiful soul.

Namasté Aaron

Namasté Aaron

RIP Aaron… You will be greatly missed.


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