CNE and WiFi

You have to love searching through Google to plan your day.

I found this little tidbit of useful information on another blog

Still with technology, the CNE offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the Exhibition Place grounds including (but not limited to) the Food Buildiing, the Better Living Centre, the Arts/Crafts/Hobbies builiding, the Direct Energy Centre (formerly known as the National Trade Centre) and Bandshell Park. — The Statesman

This means I can instagram and facebook stuff while I’m there today. I’m going today – the first time in over 10 years now – mainly because Trooper is playing the Bandshell at 7:30.

Looking forward to seeing them live. Kind have wanted to for a while now.

Having said that…

If you don’t like
What you got
Why don’t you change it
If your world is all screwed up
Rearrange it



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