Personal non-sequiturs and other thoughts.

Just a few days ago was the third year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Dealing with the reality the Big C took him from us has not been any easier, but I don’t get as overwhelmed and anxious about it as I used to.

I think the most painful reality of all is him being gone and not around to show how proud he is of me for what I’ve done in the last 8months: going back to school, kicking ass and undertaking a new life direction and career path.

I am also reminded that about 6 years ago or so, we said goodbye to a good friend… my Dad’s cat. 

My new life direction and career path have been nothing short of challenging. Almost a month in to my Internship now and I’ve got some big goals to meet. Having measurable and realistic goals is nice.

Taking the high-road has been quite the learning experience me. The interim course-director came by today for a visit. The C-D was pleased to hear that I was progressing well and had good, measurable goals to work with. He was also quick to comment that my experience will make me extremely valuable after I’m done my internship.

The challenge now is to make sure I *DO* develop the skills – to the point of being second nature – to become as extremely valuable as my C-D says they will make me.

Now… building my skill set and realizing that after my internship is done, I cannot predict where I will be. I might be still with the company I’m interning at, but I could end up elsewhere. Hard to say.

If I go elsewhere, the inevitable is having to find another place of employment and go through the interview process yet again.

One thing I’ve always had a problem with in the past when being interviewed for a job is being asked this question:

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

I really hate that question. Why? Because if we all had the ability of clairvoyance then why would we need to go into interviews that don’t result in employment.  It likely was an excellent question to ask someone in the past, but the fact is, now it is not. It’s actually far from being a pertinent question to ask in this day and age. Any employer conducting an interview who asks that question is likely to have a poor understanding of the current environment and the trends of young workers.

I don’t know the exact details, but Gen Y/Millenials probably have an extremely low likelihood of staying at any job for 5years. I know this was covered in one of my classes, but that was so long ago now that I cannot recall the exact fact.

Actually, now that I think of it… it’s probably a decent question to ask someone in their 40’s… but not someone younger… or older for that matter. I would not be surprised if asking someone in their mid-50’s that question would be insulting to that individual.  “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Retired, sitting on my cottage dock, sipping cold beers while the kids play in the water…”

We live in an age where few companies are willing to give opportunities to younger workers to advance unless they pay their dues for quite a few years. It’s horrible. It really is. Those that came before us had less work to do and advanced much faster than we are being able to. The twin bugbears of downsizing and “the bottom line” have forced many of us to do more work for less pay. No wonder people started rioting last October. We are the 99% indeed… Had the circumstances and timing been different, I may have actually been involved in OccupyToronto last year – the only difference for me would’ve been my going home at the end of the day to my cozy apartment and not into my tent.

So, where do I see myself in 5 years? It’s hard to say, but I would like to think that I’ll be happily married, possibly a father, paying for a mortgage on a nice house in a neighbourhood with mature trees,driving a car that doesn’t sound like an old pick-up truck, holding down a job where I’m making a decent salary.

What do I see myself doing in 5 years? Working in TechPR and loving every second of it.

As Steve Jobs once said, “the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”

I truly believe I’m on the path leading to great work. I know, as an intern, I’m not there yet, but I’m grateful to be on the path

Five years is but a dream that we can hold for ourselves, but dreams change and are never the same from one night to the next.



Enough yammering… time for me to hit the gym.


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