“Time to rectify an injustice to a plant” – a persuasive presentation

A summation of my classmate’s clever topic of choice for our Persuasive Speech presentation. Worth a read…


Jeremy Cammy is certainly one of the most dynamic teachers I have had at Centennial. His unorthodox teaching methods coupled with style, personality and choice words, makes his presentation skills class one of the most looked forward to. However, every upturn comes with a downturn so to say. The guy had exacting standards – grab attention within the first few seconds, look people in the eye, be authoritative, generate your “a-ha” moment and conclude with a punch. But most of all, his presentation gem – tell stories!

So when I had to make a presentation in class on a topic of my choice but on one that I had to persuade the audience, I was in a quandary. What topic would interest a North American audience. My competencies were on issues far away from reality in this part of the world. Should I speak on the death penalty or perhaps…

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