Old adages…

Throughout my life and no doubt yours, you’ve heard the phrase “A picture says a thousand words.”

Well, I think that now that I’ve been in a fast-tracked Public Relations program for the last 7months, I can make that old adage/cliché a little more fleshed out for PR.

They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’. I was taught: ‘a news release contains a thousand words’. And the most difficult thing to accomplish is to make a speech gets the idea across in a thousand words.  – Joseph Laflamme

Or more succinctly: “A picture says a thousand words, a news release uses a thousand words and a speech says a thousand words” – Joseph Laflamme


I have a quote to attribute to myself!

I also have a follow up quote

“I’d rather take the photo and write the news release, than do the speech. But if I have to do the speech, I will do my best to make it full and complete.” – Joseph Laflamme


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