Oh dear gods…

I could’ve sworn PRDaily published an article denouncing false titles in PR about a month or two ago. Or at least, they published something similar, which denounced the use of false titles like Social Media Guru or Online PR Genius.

Now they have this:

Bizarre job titles that are perfect for PR

Now, don’t get me wrong… creativity is great, but when you take on a title that is somewhat ambiguous, it’s probably best that you use it as a joke and not for real. This is one of those times where I think clarity supersedes creativity.

I can laugh at someone claiming a title of “Director of First Impressions”, but that’s all I can do. That title is basically a fancy way of saying receptionist, according to the PRDaily article. In reality though, that’s a bit of a stretch, because every employee can be responsible for first impressions. Everyone in an organization is ambassador for that organizations brand. Right?

Not to mention, that title only works if a company relies completely on incoming cold calls. I would have to say that it’s more realistic for that title to be “Director of Impression Maintenance” but, clarity once again loses out.

So, my final conclusion here… Those Bizarre job titles that are perfect for PR, aren’t. Actually, the title of the article is misleading given the content.

But, to play along… here’s my dream title

“Director of Promoting Tech Gadgets” – it’s clear, to the point with a dash of fun to it, and it doesn’t resort to crazy or bizarre to do it.


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