hahaha… ouch.

PRDaily often posts really funny pictures with their articles.

This one made me laugh…

Recently, we (that is, my Social Media PR class) had a guest lecturer who taught us about podcasting and SMRs. He quoted Shel Holtz a bit, so the above graphic being part of this article, is not surprising. In fact, it covers almost exactly the same stuff that our guest lecturer talked about.

In the grand scheme, I’m only learning how to do podcasts now. It’s a lot of headache as i’ve discovered. Maybe my headphones are on too tight.

What I have learned is

A) a good microphone is only as good as the recorder its connected to (this is covered in Shel Holtz’ Podcasting 101, and it’s totally true)

B) knowing how to manipulate sound files is a pain

C) microphone placement helps a lot with avoiding the need to amplify sections of audio, while reducing others.

D) Line hum/noize/buss literally gives me a headache.

E) Figuring out what to do with the file when done is half the battle.

and lastly

F) For a neophyte, It’s a lot easier than videocasting.


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