PR Daily a few …

PR Daily a few weeks ago posted an article “10 basic skills every PR Pro should know for a crisis”. I honestly feel that the title doesn’t do the content justice, as I believe the things it lists are pieces of knowledge that all PR pros should know. Not just for a crisis… for all situations. Period.

I believe this because the reality of PR is that it is heavily entrenched in a world that relies on technology. PR depends on computers to produce, edit, send, upload and receive content. In a world where one of the most repeated mantras is “Content is King” it is hard for me to grasp that there are people out there that lack the basic skills PR Daily outlined.

To be brutally honest, a few of them are not even tech skills. They’re just pieces of knowledge that should be common sense.  If you are unaware of the 10 skills, they are as follows:

1. How to stream your tweets, mentions, hashtags, and other Twitter elements to your corporate website (click here for Twitter help on how to do this).
2. How to create, add, and link banner ads to and from your corporate website.
3. How to update or replace your Twitter background.
4. How to upload videos and video responses to YouTube.
5. How to upload videos to your website and blog.
6. How to update your corporate website and blog
7. How to activate and edit your dark website.
8. How to add a custom tab to your Facebook fan page (click here for help on how to do this).
9. How to create and edit links (both text links and image links).
10. How to access and update your internal communication platform in real-time.

As I said, some are not tech skills. A very tech-oriented person would probably argue that none of them truly are, I’m sure.  I can definitely tell you which ones are from my knowledge: 2, 6, 7 and 10. The rest, as far as I can determine are merely a matter of pointing and clicking, allowing a settings page or related do the work for you.

So, what would my 10 tech skills every PR pro should know be?

1) Know how to code basic HTML
2) Know how to operate a digital recorder (for recording podcasts)
3) Know how to edit digital voice recordings
4) Know how to operate a digital single lens reflex (dSLR) camera (for doing in-house product shots)
5) Know how to edit digital photos (and not just cropping and resizing – PR people should know basic corrections)
6) Know how to edit digital videos [Basics]
7) Know how to use desktop publishing programs [i.e. Adobe InDesign]
8) Know how to offload photos and videos from an iPhone/Android (without using iPhoto or by uploading them to Facebook first)
9) Know how to produce full fledged PowerPoint presentations so they flow like a video
10) Know how to connect devices to computers and vice versa (i.e. connect a MacBook to a LCD TV or Projector)

All of the above are skills that I believe everyone should know for PR. In a world where “Content is King”, knowing how to produce and manage content makes you the Emperor. 😉

For the record…  I can do most of the above. I’m quite limited in my experience with digital voice recordings and video editing. I’ve done both, but neither in a serious capacity. I’d also like to state that I probably could’ve thought up a better list but it’s late and I’ve been up since 6 a.m. I should also note that I have taken a PowerPoint presentation and actually turned it into a video… that was a useful little trick that came in handy a few months ago.


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