Information streams, Simulating Dreams

A bit of a reflection as I write my personal dissertation on technology in my life… the lyrics of a particular track came to mind. The lyrics are rather appropriate to (and in some respects, disturbing) how some parts of society work and where we are headed. Ray Kurzweil in his book “The Age of Spiritual Machines” put forth the idea that as we continue down the path that Moore’s Law predicts, we will eventually create computers with more raw processing power than the average brain. We will eventually create computers with more raw processing power than 10 brains; then 100; then 1000; and so on.

The analogy is often drawn between a certain episode in human technological history and current technologies. Years ago it was: “There is more computing power in your desktop computer than all of the control room that NASA used in 1969 to monitor the lunar landing.”

That comparison, like all technology over time, has been upgraded to the following:

“There is more computing power in your iPhone/Android than NASA had during the lunar landing in 1969”

The song that came to mind would be most familiar to lovers of underground electronic dance music – and particularly to lovers of the “Psytrance” subgenre. The song is called “We Interface” by X-Dream. You can hear the song on Youtube here.

Monitoring devices, know where you go
Mass media, total control
Digital delight, desire in megabite
Data overflow, virtual suicide
This information, is disinformation
Truth is hidden, knowledge forbidden
The structures of power, will delegate
To speak is to lie, to lie is to collaborate

Information streams, simulating dreams
Interactive mind-control, systematic overflow

Monitoring devices, know where you go
Public mind, propaganda show
Magnetic sleep, network addiction
Be absorbed, science fiction
It’s pyschological, diabolical
Societies brainwash, hospital
The sun never sets, on cyber-space
Transmit, receive, log on to interface

Now, what should come as astonishing to you, my reader, is that Kurzweil published his book “Age of Spiritual Machines” in 1999. X-dream released their “We Interface”, the title track of their album by the same name, in 2004. The lyrics, pre-date the album. A little bit of conjecture would lead us to believe that she wrote them in 2003, possibly earlier.

Fast forward to 2012, and the connectedness we all share, has made Kurzweil and Ariel Müller (of X-dream) virtual prophets.

Information streams, simulating dreams.


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